Nico Marquardt

Nico Marquardt

Politician in Germany, CEO of Rabbit & Advisor for the Mars One Project

I AM FROM Potsdam

I CREATE Digital Strategies



Nico Marquardt is a Member of the local Parliament in Germany,  CEO of Rabbit and Advisor for Social Media at Mars One.

since 2014

Member of the Local Parliament


Nico Marquardt has held the position of an elected Member of the Potsdam Parliament (SPD) since May 2014. In this capacity he also acts as Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Child and Youth Affairs. Moreover, Marquardt is involved in establishing a Digital Agenda for the state capitals that includes new types of digital infrastructure, free Wi-Fi as well as a new form of political communication via social media.

since 2014

Board Member

Energy Water Potsdam GmbH (EWP)

EWP is an energy and water company. Nico Marquardt oversees as a Member of the Supervisory Board the policy pursued by the Executive Board, the Executive’s performance of its managerial duties as well as the company’s general course of affairs, all the while taking into account the interest of all company stakeholders.

since 2013

Advisor for Social Media

Mars One

Mars One is a not for profit foundation with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2027. Marquardt creates in his role as advisor Social Media strategies to inform and allow the public to participate in the next giant leap for mankind.

Nico Marquardt: “Pushing the boundaries and uniting the world: That’s what Mars One is about. It has the power to show people around the globe what is possible if we just all work on one goal. No human has left Earth’s orbit since 1972 and no one ever ploughed beyond the moon into deep space. It’s finally time to inspire the world and make the next giant leap for mankind.”

since 2013

Co-Founder & CEO

Rabbit Consulting Group

The Rabbit Consulting Group is a management consulting company that operates worldwide, offering expert advisory services to various types of organizations. Marquardt is responsible as CEO for the company’s strategy, portfolio policy, the deployment of human and capital resources, the company’s risk management system and the company’s financial performance.


Nico Marquardt
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Nico Marquardt

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